Super Link Plastic is a full service recycler. We recycle plastic, fiber, and metal. Please visit our Services page to learn more.
Please call 510-568-1086 extension 209 or send an email to info@superlinkusa.com with your contact info, along with material photos, estimated weight per month, your location, etc.; we will start from there.
The best way to get the most value out of your scrap is to sort the plastic material. The purer and cleaner the scrap stream is sorted, the more value will result.
Depending upon your scrap generation, we can provide open-top bins, balers and/or compactors. Please call 510-568-1086 extension 209 or email info@superlinkusa.com for more information, and refer to our Type of Equipment page to learn more.
We not only provide recycling services in the Greater Bay Area, but also throughout Central California, Southern California, the continental United States, and Canada.
We have our own fleet of flatbeds, roll-off trucks, and tractor trucks to provide and meet your pick up needs.
Please call (510) 568-1086 extension 205, or email pickup@superlinkusa.com.
Each type of recyclable material has different values; the type and quality will be evaluated and paid at the current market rate.
All the recyclables that we receive from our suppliers are shipped to Hong Kong and China for processing.
For plastic, the material will be ground, washed, melted, and pelletized to be ready to use again to make new products.
For OCC/fiber, the material will be sorted, pulped, filtered and de-inked, and mixed with virgin material to produce new fiber products.
Sorry, we currently do not provide pickup service to households. We accept and welcome delivery of clean, no contamination plastic with sorted #1-#7 recycle sign and cardboard/paper.