Super Link Plastic has a wide range of trucks and specialty equipment that are capable of handling small to large scale scrap generation. We can customize our services to meet a customer’s pickup needs and provide equipment to optimize the use of a customer’s space. Below is the full line up of our fleet and equipment. For equipment that we can provide, please visit TYPE OF EQUIPMENT to find out more.



Flatbeds are used to transport materials that are either baled, in gaylord boxes, and/or palletized.


We can position trailers/containers for customers that generate large amounts in a short time.


The roll-off truck is used to transport compactor and open-top bins that have been placed to capture loose, bulky, or odd shape materials that are not easily baled or gaylorded.

Heavy Duty Equipment


With two heavy duty horizontal balers, Super Link Plastic has capacity of handling large quantities of loose material.


A densifier enables Super Link Plastic to process various kinds of foam, such as EPE, EPS, and EPP.